Transitioning from Clinical to Commercial: Creating a cost efficient and risk proof Supply Chain

Webinar Date: December 11, 2019 - 9:00AM EST

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During this webinar you will learn about:

  • How the complexity of today’s therapies is creating new challenges for Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain and distribution
  • Why it is important to plan for your commercial supply chain during clinical development
  • How cost of goods is impacted by supply chain decisions, and how you can optimize the supply chain for efficiencies
  • Exploring options for end to end cold chain in the supply chain
  • Exploration of use cases where cold chain risk mitigation is maximized, and supply chain cost is minimized

About The Speakers

James Klingelhoefer

Director of Sales Americas

James Klingelhoefer has over 12 years of experience in various leadership, sales and customer support roles. Throughout his career, James has worked closely with pharmaceutical sponsors, CRO’s, CMO’s, packaging/labeling providers, and other life science organizations to leverage supply chain efficiencies and identify risk mitigation opportunities. James is passionate about ensuring the success of customers, and ultimately the successful connection of therapies to patients.

Prior to joining Pelican BioThermal, he was North America Sales Director at World Courier where he was responsible for leading a team of Regional Sales Directors along with responsibility for the inside sales team, sales operations, and clinical operations teams. James received his Bachelor of Science degree in aviation administration, air cargo management from Farmingdale State University in New York. He also has a Master’s of Science degree in logistics management from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Dominic Hyde

Vice President of Crēdo on Demand

Dominic Hyde is well experienced in the global cold chain logistics field, in which he has worked for 17 years, developing worldwide rental programs for transport of temperature controlled pharmaceuticals. Prior to this position, he was Managing Director at va-Q-tec Ltd. where he was responsible for building a global rental network and container fleet from scratch. Preceding that role, he was Managing Director at MBI aero, which consulted on transportation solutions for high value/life critical products requiring a controlled environment throughout their transportation cycle. Previously, Mr. Hyde was Chief Operating Officer at Envirotainer AB, where he also held the positions of Director of Technical Sales and Technical Director. He has an engineering background and originally studied Software Engineering and then reading Systems Engineering before starting his career in defense avionics and cockpit systems.