Golden Hour™ Technology

Originally designed for the extreme conditions of the military battlefield, our patented, award-winning Golden Hour™ Technology provides superior thermal protection for high value temperature-sensitive payloads between 2 and 96 liters (plus cargo pallets too), from -50ºC to 25°C for up to seven days (168 hours). This patented technology provides secure, safe and reliable thermally protected transport of pharmaceuticals, tissues, biologics, diagnostics, vaccines, blood supplies and more.

At the core of every Crēdo Cube™ shipper, is the patented Thermal Isolation Chamber System (TIC™ panel) — precision-formed, interconnected panels specifically formulated and encapsulating phase change material (PCM) that surrounds and isolates the payload from temperature excursion with a tight, protective thermal seal for a pre-determined temperature range and duration. Vacuum insulation panels form a continuous barrier on all six sides of the modular shipping container — between the TIC™ System and the outer Crēdo™ shipper eliminating possible hot or cold pockets or the need for ice, dry ice or gel packs.

This technology helps clients reduce distribution costs, eliminates payload risk and reduce their carbon footprint, and also offers the following advantages :

  • Ease of use — quick assembly and inventory storage efficiency
  • Single conditioning and simple year-round packout
  • Interchangeable components to match specific temperature, size and duration requirements
  • Use safe, reusable and non-toxic materials to reduce waste
  • Quality construction ensures consistent thermal performance and product longevity
  • Extended payload protection during transit or delivery delays
  • Lowest cost per use
  • High return on investment