NanoCool Push Button Activation

NanoCool Instantly Cooled Parcel

NanoCool Push Button Activation

The NanoCool systems offer convenient temperature-controlled packaging using evaporative cooling technology along with phase change materials (PCM) and advanced insulation VIPs for an instantly cooled shipping system.

The universal systems, cooling systems and insulated shippers allow for an easy, no-conditioning shipper that are typically smaller and lighter than conventional packaging, which allows for lower freight costs and less warehouse space needing to be utilized.

Key Features

  • The simple two-piece container offers year round protection without conditioning or complicated pack out
  • Advanced evaporative cooling with one-touch activation
  • No conditioning required
  • Freight savings due to smaller and lighter package
  • 2-8°C product transport systems
  • Choice of duration from 42-96 hours
  • Shuttle™ System ideal for overnight shipments
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