Dry Ice Parcel

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Dry Ice Parcel

We offer 2 options for dry ice applications. Simple, off the shelf EPS dry ice systems, available from 5 litres to 94 litres and more advanced products featuring high-performance VIP panels to protect the payload allowing for the use of less dry ice. Both systems are cost-effective and easy to pack-out compared to N2 frozen shipping products.

Key Features

Sherpa Systems™ Dry Ice Shippers

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation material used; moulded with density to achieve the performance standards required.
  • Qualification reports available providing complete documentation for audit purposes.
  • Tested to a constant ambient of +30°C, to ensure quality and efficacy of the payload is maintained.
  • ‘Off the shelf’ dry ice systems are available from 5 litres to 94 litres.
  • Provide users with a multitude of pre-qualified, robust solutions.
  • Durations up to 225 hours
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Sherpa Dry Ice Systems

DeepFreeze™ Dry Ice Shippers

  • DeepFreeze™ Utilises less dry ice to reduce freight costs
  • Requires less storage space, smaller footprint, lower transportation costs
  • Advanced insulation eliminates re-icing costs
  • -65°C and -20°C products
  • Duration from up to 96 hours
  • DeepFreeze™ insulated shippers include a spacer and inner payload box keeping product at desired temperatures
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DeepFreeze Dry Ice Shipper

Credo Cube™ Dry Ice Shippers

  • High-performance and robust shipper
  • PCM and VIP technology with dry ice for payload protection
  • Dry ice configuration available in 5L and 17L
  • Payload protection for -60C and cooler
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DeepFreeze Dry Ice Shipper

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Looking for a Specific Product Solution?

We offer a diverse portfolio of single use and reusable passive temperature controlled shippers with payload capacities ranging from 2 to 96 litres (and pallets) in four specific temperature ranges for up to seven days.

Product Literature

Pelican BioThermal Credo Cube Product Sheet

Crēdo Cube™

CRĒDO CUBE™ SERIES 4, 22, 20M & 50M
Superior thermal protection in a convenient mid-size container

Pelican BioThermal DeepFreeze Dry ice Shipper

DeepFreeze™ Dry Ice Shipper

Protects -65°C products for over 96 hours while using less dry ice than traditional systems

Pelican BioThermal Dry Ice Shipper

Dry Ice Shipper