Crēdo™ on Demand Rental Program

Crēdo™ on Demand

Crēdo™ on Demand Rental Program

Globally available, high performance, cost effective cold chain shipping rental program using passive cold chain containers. Flexible daily and monthly rental rates are standard when picked up from and dropped off at Pelican BioThermal locations worldwide. Other rental terms are available.


  • Global availability at convenient pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Ability to conserve cash for other projects
  • Flexibility to meet business needs on short notice
  • Worry Free Management of the reverse logistics and refurbishment activities carried out in our Global Service Centers and managed by our team of experts
  • Additional Optional Services Available

Pelican BioThermal has two types of passive bulk containers available in the Crēdo on Demand Rental Program.

Crēdo™ Xtreme

Crēdo Xtreme is our high performance, durable and reusable hand-pack cold chain container offered in half and full pallet sizes. This makes it ideal for consolidating large domestic and international cargo shipments.

Crēdo Xtreme Literature

Watch this video to learn more about our Crēdo Xtreme Product

Crēdo™ Cargo

Crēdo Cargo is our rental only cold chain container designed specifically to accept a full ISO pallet and its load. This container utilizes an easy to use coolant panel loading system with an innovative slot-in system designed for rapid loading and unloading.

Crēdo Cargo Literature

Watch this video to learn more about our Crēdo Cargo Product

Pelican BioThermal’s patented technology provides a cost effective temperature-controlled performer that ensures secure transport of high value pharmaceutical/biotech products qualified to maintain the following:

  • Temperature range up to 144+ hours
  • Easy to use conditioning method provides significant return on investment with greater volumetric payload size and reduced risk of payload excursions