Crēdo Cube™ Series 4 3L

Crēdo Cube™ Series 4 3L

Superior thermal protection in a convenient smaller-sized container. Qualified to hold chilled medical materials at a safe temperature for up to five days and modular TIC™ System panels with integrated 4°C phase-change material break down easily for simple storage and conditioning. The container consists of a TIC™ with integrated PCM, a 1" VIP assembly and an outer corrugated container. The TIC™ system consists of six matching panels with beveled edges. The VIP assembly is made up of six panels that are encapsulated and assembled into a base lid.

Recommended Use

Ideal for long-duration international transport of pharmaceuticals, blood, biologics and tissue where customs delays are a real risk.

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Temperature Range2°C-8°C
Coolant TypePCM Coolant
Duration120.00 hours
Volume Metric3.00 liters
Volume Imperial183.07 cubic inches
Payload Size Metric130 × 130 × 130 mm
Payload Size Imperial5 × 5 × 5 in
Outer Dimension Metric318 × 267 × 279 mm
Outer Dimension Imperial12.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 in
Tare Weight Metric6 kg
Tare Weight Imperial14 lb
Product SeriesSeries 4
Product FamilyReusable Parcel
Product Sub-FamilyCrēdo Cube™

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