New package offers superior temperature performance and is environmentally friendly

(Allentown, PA, September 29, 2015) – Sharp Packaging Services, a global contract packaging and clinical packaging solutions company for the life sciences industry and a division of UDG Healthcare plc, is now offering the multi-use CRĒDO packaging solution to clients requiring temperature controlled shipments. The CRĒDO  CUBE multi-use packaging system is smaller and lighter than traditional polystyrene and gel pack systems as well as being 100% recyclable. As such, it cuts down on transport emissions, reduces global warming potential by 75% and reduces post-consumer waste by 95%.

In addition to its positive environmental impact, Sharp found the CRĒDO CUBE an attractive alternative to traditional temperature controlled packaging for a number of other reasons, starting with the package’s effectiveness and stability in controlling the payload temperature. Sharp is offering its clients the CRĒDO packaging system for controlled room temperature (15-25°C), refrigerated (2-8°C) and below freezing applications. Sharp’s clients regularly use temperature controlled packaging for delivery of medicines and biologics as well as clinical trial shipments to doctor’s offices, hospitals and other distribution points. “Maintaining the desired temperature is key to meeting regulations and ensuring the safety of the product being shipped,” notes Jeff Benedict, Senior Vice President, Global Business

Development. “By switching to CRĒDO CUBE we can increase overall client satisfaction by reducing product destruction costs as well as the quality costs associated with investigations and CAPA’s that can result from temperature excursions.  As a result of the extended duration available with Crēdo, we have the

capability to offer clients Thursday or Friday shipments for delivery on Monday morning, still maintaining the desired temperature during transit. This was not always possible with prior shipping configurations.”

The CRĒDO CUBE incorporates a patented Thermal Isolation Chamber System, developed by Pelican BioThermal. Precision-formed, interconnected TIC™ panels specifically formulated and encapsulating a phase change material (PCM) surrounds and isolates the payload from temperature excursion with a tight, protective thermal seal for a pre-determined temperature range and duration. Vacuum insulation panels form a continuous barrier on all six sides of the modular shipping container, between the TIC System and the outer CRĒDO shipper, possible hot or cold pockets or the need for ice, dry ice or gel packs within the corrugated shipper.

Clients receiving a CRĒDO CUBE™ simply remove the vacuum insulated lid and the TIC™ lid from the CRĒDO™ package, take out the product box, replace the TIC lid and vacuum insulated lid in the CRĒDO CUBE, seal the outer box and apply the supplied return shipping label. The Sharp courier will return to pick up the CRĒDO 24- hours after delivery. As a result, Sharp clients will no longer need to dispose of large and heavy single use packaging containers within their waste streams.

Many large pharmaceutical companies have already switched their internal packaging operations to the CRĒDO CUBE for cost and environmental considerations, paving the way for industry contract suppliers to do the same. In addition to the advantages of being a multi-use package – Sharp hopes the CRĒDO system will reduce its packaging inventory costs, improve operational efficiency and simplify Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

According to Benedict, Sharp is ready to ship with the new CRĒDO packaging system immediately, and anticipates that, with client participation, Sharp’s CRĒDO units will be making thousands of journeys throughout North America and Europe within twelve months. Sharp is offering the package with new client contracts and believes some clients, where regulations allow, may opt to switch immediately over to the CRĒDO system. “Our plan is to educate our clients and future clients on the advantages this package offers not only to the environment but within their own operations,” notes Benedict. “We believe most will choose the CRĒDO package on renewed and new contracts.”

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