Pelican BioThermal Announces New Business Office Locations to Support Global Growth

Pelican BioThermal Announces New Business Office Locations to Support Global Growth

Pelican BioThermal, a global leader providing the largest range of innovative temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, has expanded its operations in response to record sales growth worldwide.

The company announced new business offices in strategic market areas as part of its growing global network.  Based on increasing sales and distribution in Asia and Europe, offices were added in the Republic of Korea and Germany to support Pelican BioThermal’s global customers. 

The launch of the new business offices demonstrates a definite growth trend for the company, which continues to expand its services and infrastructure globally.

As part of the Pelican BioThermal ongoing growth strategy, key is delivering excellent customer service and sales support in the same time zones, languages and culture to their worldwide customers with designated regional offices. 

Products offered and supported include parcel and bulk size temperature controlled shippers, designed for single use or reuse and multiple temperature ranges.  Pharmaceutical companies and other companies focused on the specialized shipping requirements for delicate life sciences materials will be the primary customers benefitting from these additional business offices.

Supporting sales within northern Asia, including the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China will be Jae Hong Lim, who is located in Seoul. Overseeing increasing sales across Europe, with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, will be Roland Haustein, who is located in Germany.

David Williams, President of Pelican BioThermal, welcomed the expansion of business offices around the world. He said: “Pelican BioThermal continues to expand and thrive in the global market place to further support our customers who do business worldwide and build on our sales success.

“We are delighted to appoint these sales executives to lead these new regional business offices for these key regions.”

Pelican BioThermal has experienced extensive expansion in recent years and continued to increase investment in infrastructure and its support network in 2016, which included the launch of its new Asia headquarters and global distributor partnerships, recently announced in Asia and Central and South America.

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