Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

Customized approach

We collaborate with healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, military and other life science organizations to design, develop, and qualify cold chain shipping solutions to meet unique payload or ambient profile specifications.Our experienced and award-winning team of engineers analyses each customer’s project, schedule, product stability, transit mode, duration requirements and required threshold and ambient temperature. We then collaborate with clients to develop a comprehensive thermal protection solution to meet those requirements.

Our engineering services include:

  • Prototyping capabilities —  full range of thermal modeling capabilities ranging from 3D part printing to prototype thermoforming
  • Full CAD capabilities — 3D modeling of design and generation of all 2D prints.
  • Product design consulting, prototyping and full production capabilities
  • Custom insert and payload box design
  • In-house thermal testing of prototypes that determines prototype performance in any ambient condition or shipping profile
  • Qualification testing of shipping systems
  • Co-branding — custom-tailored brand packaging is available
  • Pre-qualified shipper systems

Multi-Physics technology provides peace of mind

We create and qualify virtual prototypes to predict how a shipping system will be affected by a range of ambient profiles.

Globally-compliant pre-qualified shipper systems 

All our solutions are compliant with global industry standards such as International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), United Nations (UN), and World Health Organization (WHO), and comply with the strictest GMP, quality assurance and health and safety standards.

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