Temperature Controlled Container Rental Programs

Crēdo™ Rental Programs

Pelican BioThermal provides a full range of passive temperature controlled pallet container or parcel shipper rental and leasing options, allowing you to choose the application that best fits your company’s requirements, logistics profile and budget. Our products provide the best thermal performance technology with services and rental and leasing options, to help lower your cost-per-use, while experiencing the industry's highest payload volume efficiency and lowest distribution costs.  

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All Crēdo™ shipper rental programs can provide the following services:

  • Easy implementation of passive temperature control systems compared to active systems
  • Monitoring of outbound shipment, return receipt, inspection and refurbishment
  • Cleaning of containers after each use, includes alcohol wipe down
  • Replacement of damaged or expired components after each use
  • Same day/next day access to inventory 

Crēdo™ on Demand

Globally available, high performance, cost effective rental program using passive temperature controlled containers. Flexible daily and monthly rental rates are standard when picked up from and dropped off at Pelican BioThermal locations worldwide. Other rental terms are available.

Advantages of Crēdo™ on Demand

Use convenient pick-up and drop-off locations globally

Conserves cash for other projects

Use Crēdo shipper when your business needs it, on short notice

All reverse logistics and pre-rental refurbishment activities managed and executed by Pelican BioThermal

  • Pre-conditioning for quick load and go
  • Drop off to location other than origin

Crēdo™ on Reserve

Rental program offering a dedicated inventory for longer periods, usually two years or more, while paying for a minimum number of trips during that period and a fixed rate for each trip beyond that minimum. Service fees for refurbishment and repair are included for the duration of the period.

Advantages of Crēdo™ on Reserve

Perfect for situations when you have limited, but longer term, and predictable usage needs

Inventory levels customized according to your requirements

All reverse logistics and refurbishment activities managed and executed by Pelican BioThermal

Crēdo™ Leasing

Lease a Crēdo Xtreme passive pallet shipper or Crēdo Cube passive parcel shipper for an, extended term and conserve capital budget for other projects. Does not include service fees for refurbishment, but these services may be provided by Pelican BioThermal or we can train your staff on servicing your leased shippers. Included is periodic repair and component replacement due to normal wear and tear. Standard are three year operating leases.

Advantages of Leasing

Flexible end of lease options

Conserves cash and provides the convenience of a monthly predicatable expense

Ability to rotate temperature controlled container inventory after each lease term

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