It's Air Ambulance Week!

September 7th-13th is Air Ambulance week where we highlight those that fly high in the sky to provide lifesaving measures to those in need. In this video, we meet John whose life was saved by the prompt action, skill and dedication of the Great North Air Ambulance.

How to Prepare for a Customs Hold

When pharmaceutical companies are shipping medications across great distances, it’s not only on-time delivery that matters. On-temperature delivery is even more crucial for some products. Maintaining the recommended temperature range for the payload is vital. Without it, the potency of the medication is diminished, or depleted altogether. 

CoolGuard™ Advance parcel shippers for Clinical Trial applications

Our CoolGuard™ Advance for clinical trials offers the highest performance single-use shipping system utilizing phase change materials and vacuum insulation panels. Standardized components across the range reduce inventory requirements, ease assembly and improve efficiency. Robust performance for demanding globally investigated profiles.