Sustainability is at the Core of our Organization

Sustainability is at the Core of our Organization


At Pelican Products, we have already distinguished our company for excellence in product development and as a leading manufacturer of multi-use products. We create durable, reliable products that last a lifetime, thereby reducing our ecological impact. We have taken significant steps to enhance our sustainability practices and policies, and are working diligently to do more.

We have implemented numerous initiatives at our plants around the globe to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle every scrap of eligible material. We are integrating sustainability into our business decisions on a daily basis.

What We Do
Our products stand the test of time and help eliminate the need for single use products and packaging. Our cases and lights are recyclable. We hold our ethics and quality control to the highest standard. We’ve undertaken projects to increase recycled content, recycle or reuse waste, and save energy and water.

Sustainability means we continue delivering high quality products in ways that help protect your future.

Our Global Contribution
As Pelican continues to participate in initiatives that support sustainable operations, philanthropic efforts, and ethics and compliance, we feel it is important to link our sustainability strategy to global efforts- particularly the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were developed to create a more peaceful, just, and healthier planet by 2030.

We’ve identified goals that shape the future of Pelican’s sustainable development, including putting safety and fairness first, valuing our communities, enhancing the recyclability and reusability of our products, and promoting resource efficiency.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Pelican’s Corporate Sustainability web page. Follow this link for a preview