Managing the Return of Reusable Shippers

Managing the Return of Reusable Shippers

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When utilizing reusable shippers, getting the containers back is critical not just to avoid delays in shipping your products to the patients who need them but also to your bottom line as one pharma company found when it discovered it has a large number of shippers sitting at its delivery location in Asia. Upon this discover, the pharma company realized the need to track its reusable shippers and contacted Pelican BioThermal to implement asset management software and organize the return of the containers.

The company worked with its local vendor for each country in the region to send shippers to a consolidation facility. Each reusable shipper at Pelican BioThermal is equipped with a bar code and identification number.  The barcode is scanned into the software and once the shipper arrives at the consolidation facility the route can be completely tracked by Pelican BioThermal.

The company and the vendors worked together to monitor the returns coming from the consolidation facility and the rate at which they were being returned. To date, the use of Pelican BioThermal’s asset management software has organized the return of over 1,200 shippers to the client, resulting in a significant savings year over year.

To learn more about reusable vs. single-use shippers, read the full white paper here.