Distributor Spotlight: BioThermal SA

Distributor Spotlight: BioThermal SA

BioThermal SA is a proud distributor of Pelican BioThermal products to the South Africa and Africa markets. Established in 2020, BioThermal SA’s main goal is to offer products that provide peace of mind when transporting valuable temperature-controlled products.

BioThermal SA provides a full range of temperature-controlled packaging with both single-use and reusable thermal shippers along with pallet shipper options available. They also have the capabilities to condition and provide service for shippers.

“We are thrilled to be a distributor partner to Pelican BioThermal”, said JJ Van Niekerk, Managing Member at BioThermal SA. “They offer a wide range of temperature-controlled products that we are excited to be able to offer to the South Africa and Africa markets.”

In addition to offering thermal packaging products from Pelican BioThermal, BioThermal SA also provides cold storage to condition shippers and facilities to service products if necessary. BioThermal SA can also provide temperature monitors to accompany your thermal packaging along with logistics support as needed.

For more information on BioThermal SA, visit https://www.biothermalsa.co.za/