Saving Lives: World Marrow Donor Day

This Saturday is World Marrow Donor Day. World Marrow Donor Day, which takes place on the third Saturday of each September, is a day of gratitude and awareness for the millions of current and potential blood stem cell donors around the world. In coordination with DKMS and other registries, Peli BioThermal plays a role in saving the lives of patients who need a blood stem cell transplant to survive.

Peli BioThermal Helps Missionpharma Deliver Insulin to Africa

Missionpharma recently engaged Peli BioThermal to support a challenging shipment of insulin from Denmark to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The organization supplies high volumes of healthcare products across Africa through pharmaceutical supply programs. 

The Difference Between Active, Hybrid and Passive Shippers

Temperature controlled packaging can feel complex. There are different types of shippers, temperature and payload sizes to consider, reusable and single-use options, and more. Let’s spend some time on the basics. First up: the difference between active, hybrid and passive temperature controlled packaging.

Integrating IT Solutions into the Supply Chain

In a recent issue of European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Adam Tetz, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Peli BioThermal, discusses the types of tracking devices available, their individual advantages and challenges and how they integrate with cold chain packaging solutions.