COVID-19 Vaccine Transforms Pharma Supply Chain Forever

The past year has been challenging on many fronts due to the pandemic. However, Pelican BioThermal has continued to evolve and adapt as have I within the last year in my role. Since the start of 2021, I have worked to remedy the concerns that Adam has brought to my attention.

The Journey of a Crēdo Cube™ Shipper

Witness the peerless performance of our Crēdo Cube™ temperature controlled packaging against the constant changes in ambient temperature during a 5 day journey involving trucks, airplanes and warehouses.  We protect life-saving vaccines on their journey to the patient.

Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines Around the World

As the official service provider of the Department of Health of the Philippines for logistics operation, PharmaServ Express plays a critical role in bridging the distribution network across all health facilities involved in the vaccination rollout schedule.

Moving blood far forward on the battlefield and beyond

Pelican BioThermal offers a variety of products using the Golden Hour™ technology to provide lifesaving blood to the battlefield safely, no matter the distance or extreme conditions. This video highlights how easy it is to get blood to the front lines efficiently. 

Remembering Doug Smith, Founder of NanoCool

Pelican BioThermal regretfully announces the passing of Doug Smith, a pioneer in the insulation and temperature-controlled packaging industries. Doug, a proud father and grandfather, avid cook and caring employer, passed away on January 11, 2021. 

Pfizer receives approval to store vaccine at higher temperatures

Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA) provided approval for the Pfizer vaccine to be stored at a standard freezer temperature for up to two weeks instead of the deep-frozen temperature range that was previously required which will make the delivery of the vaccine easier.