Crēdo Duracube™ Series 4 2L HD

Crēdo Duracube™ Series 4 2L HD

The Crēdo Duracube™ HD (HPX™ resin exterior) is highly durable and able to secure thermal protection and endurance in rigorous conditions. Coupled with our patented TIC™ system with encapsulated PCM and surrounded by vacuum insulated panels, the Crēdo Duracube™ HD product line protects critical payloads at a safe temperature.

• 10-15% increase in thermal performance over corrugated material
• Designed and tested to accommodate transport of fragile, expensive, and larger pharmaceutical shipments
• HD systems offer safe temperature ranges from 25C to -40C and colder

The case is ideal for mobile blood bank use, overseas shipping or any situation that requires rugged transport of delicate medical materials.

Product FamilyReusable Parcel
Product SeriesSeries 4
Product TypeReusable
Payload Temperature RangeRefrigerated
Temperature Range2°C-8°C
Volume2 L / 127.5 ci
Duration CategoryShort Term (1-2 days)
Duration120.00 hours
Tare Weight10 lb
Payload Size Imperial6 × 5 × 4 in
Payload Size Metric152 × 127 × 108 mm
Outer Dimension12 × 10 × 8 in
Outer Dimension Metric300 × 249 × 196 mm
Product Sub-FamilyCrēdo Duracube™
Tare Weight Metric4 kg

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