Crēdo Cube™ Series 22 12L Nested VIP

Crēdo Cube™ Series 22 12L Nested VIP

Superior thermal protection in a convenient mid-size container.
The Crēdo Cube™ is a passive and reusable shipper qualified to hold chilled medical materials at a safe temperature for up to five days. This system is ideal for reducing shipping costs or for circumstances in which unexpected delays may occur. Modular TIC™ (Thermal Isolation Chamber) walls with integrated PCM (Phase-Change Material) and VIPs (Vacuum Insulated Panels) makes conditioning in a freezer for year-round shipping easy and allows effortless packing and storage.

Product FamilyReusable Parcel
Product SeriesSeries 22
Product TypeReusable
Payload Temperature RangeControlled Room Temp
Temperature Range15°C-25°C
Volume12 L / 729 ci
Duration CategoryExtended Use (4+ days)
Duration168.00 hours
Tare Weight36 lb
Payload Size Imperial9 × 9 × 9 in
Payload Size Metric226 × 226 × 226 mm
Outer Dimension18 × 17 × 17 in
Outer Dimension Metric457 × 419 × 432 mm
Product Sub-FamilyCrēdo Cube™
Tare Weight Metric16 kg

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