CoolPall™ Vertos Advance ISOPAD 2-8C

CoolPall™ Vertos Advance ISOPAD 2-8C

CoolPall™ Vertos Advance is the NEW high performance bulk shipping system from Pelican BioThermal. This bulk shipper features PCM coolants and has been designed to be flat packed, modular, and easily assembled. The CoolPall™ Vertos Advance maintains 2°C to 8°C for 120 hours of temperature controlled performance.

Product FamilySingle Use Pallet
Payload Temperature RangeRefrigerated
Temperature Range2°C-8°C
Duration CategoryExtended Use (4+ days)
Duration120.00 hours
Tare Weight518 lb
Payload Size Imperial44 × 51 × 45 in
Payload Size Metric1127 × 1296 × 1150 mm
Outer Dimension53 × 62 × 63 in
Outer Dimension Metric1355 × 1565 × 1595 mm
Product Sub-FamilyCoolPall™ Vertos Advance
Tare Weight Metric235 kg

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