CoolPall™ Vertos 1/4 PMC 2-8C

CoolPall™ Vertos 1/4 PMC 2-8C

CoolPall™ Vertos is a high performance, durable bulk shipper has been designed and tested with the ability to be flat-packed, modular, easy and quick to assemble.

Ease & Speed of Use
• Reduced number of coolants with all-year packout for simplicity in packing
• Accepts full pallets of product for operational speed and simplicity
• Ergonomic design features innovative interlocking components for quick and easy assembly
• Flat-packed height minimizes in-bound distribution costs and saves warehouse space
• Modular components reduces inventory and ease in ordering spare parts

Proven robust performance
• Strict temperature control within demanding global environments
• High density molded materials for thermal and mechanical robustness, yet still light weight
• Best-in-class payload to volume ratio

Product FamilySingle Use Pallet
Product TypeSingle Use
Payload Temperature RangeRefrigerated
Temperature Range2°C-8°C
Volume1382 L / 84335 ci
Duration CategoryExtended Use (4+ days)
Duration120.00 hours
Tare Weight518 lb
Payload Size Imperial37 × 51 × 45 in
Payload Size Metric927 × 1296 × 1150 mm
Outer Dimension47 × 62 × 63 in
Outer Dimension Metric1195 × 1565 × 1595 mm
Tare Weight Metric235 kg

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